Kundrol Dragpa’s Teachings

Base, Path and Fruit

If Buddha of the Base is not recognized, Buddha of the Path does not illuminate in the mindstream. When Buddha of the Path does not shine in the mindstream, Buddha of the Fruit is not achieved. Hence, one needs to practice on all the three – Base, Path and Fruit.

That the mind does not move, is empty but radiantly clear is the Base. That reflection of clarity in emptiness manifests is the Path. That clarity and emptiness exist without grasping is the Fruit.

Kundrol Dragpa

Kundrol Dragpa, non-sectarian Yungdrung Bon-Buddhism master of the 18th century A.D. The Tibetan text in the photo is a short invocation which we pray before engaging in Dharma activities (not the excerpt translated above).



Author: Krisadawan Metavikul (Kalsang Dawa)

Dharma teacher, founder and president of the Thousand Stars Foundation, promoting Tibetan wisdom, engaging in charity work.

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