Compassion in Action


This morning we went to release fish at the bank of the Chao Praya river in the location of a monastery in Nonthaburi. Apart from generating bodhicitta, we wanted to do this specifically for my sister’s worker who is in coma after a fall from the 5th floor.

Before we we were about to leave home, Yonten asked me: Do we forget anything? Do you forget love and compassion? That’s right. Love and compassion, that’s all we need for this morning.


Upon walking to the fish seller at the market, I saw someone selling turtles. One of them is very big. It is kept in a paint tin, something very narrow for its size. I wished to release it, but didn’t know where to go. We still don’t have good homes for freed animals. Many places even in monasteries are supposed to be homes for fish and turtle. But they are too dirty and the population is too crowded.


We got to buy Pla Duk and Pla Chon (the word pla means fish in Thai) for 50 kks. They are kept in two containers right near a huge cutting board on which some fish were just chopped up. We bought all of them and took them to the monastery.

photo-25 copy

Some fish could swim quickly; others were quite weak. They looked confused. After praying for long life, I recited the Du Dhi Su mantra wishing these poor animals not to be caught again and be able to live till the end of their life and wishing them to attain Buddhahood.


Quite concerned whether they will be caught again, as some of the fish are still at the bank, I prayed to the Dharmapalas. Soon after that an old man came with a healthy ox. I asked him to take care of the fish by guarding them. He agreed. I also gave him some money to buy food for “Nam Ngen” (dark blue), the beautiful ox that was released from a slaughter house 8 years ago.

So the mission this morning was successful. We released the fish, fed the fish, fed the cow as well as the birds.

Dedicating this merit for all, particularly those who are in danger of life and suffer from being caught, arrested, and separating from their loved ones.

Above all, I thank Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, who has been praying for the worker, someone he has never met. Rinpoche suggested we do the fish releasing as fast as possible. I’m grateful to Rinpoche’s love and concern. Despite his busy schedule, Rinpoche take great care of us. On behalf of Rinpoche’s students, Yonten and I dedicate the merits we have done today and countless time to extend long life blessings to Rinpoche. And may all of Rinpoche’s noble works be achieved!

photo-26 copy


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