Kundrol Great Stupa Construction Project – Foundation Phase


Everybody is invited to join in the Concrete Pouring Ceremony to build the central foundation of the Kundrol Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony on Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 9:45 am at the Khadiravana Center (Kundrol Ling), Hua-hin. You can donate for the cement by the truckload at 1,600 Baht per truck, or help with the purchase of iron or other materials according to your wishes.


Constructing the Foundation of Kundrol Great Stupa – Foundation of Buddhism for Peace

Kundrol Ling (Khadiravana Center), Hua-Hin.

February 26 to June 30, 2013

Spiritual advisor: Ven. Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche


March 23, 2013, 9:45 am

Pouring concrete into the nine main pillars at the heart of the Kundrol Great Stupa. Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche will present a teaching on “Merits of Building Stupas”. Everyone joins in a chant for inner and outer peace.

History of the Project

The Thousand Stars Foundation has started the project of constructing the Kundrol Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony (Yungdrung Koelek Kundrol Zhide Choten Chemmo) as a symbol of the Buddha’s Enlightened Mind. The Stupa will be the first authentically Tibetan style stupa in Thailand. It will be a symbol of peace and compassion, and will be used as a place for practicing the Teaching. The Stupa will house an art gallery and will be a place where people can circumambulate. The Great Hall inside will be used as a meditation hall. It will house the four noble Buddha statues. There will also be niches for other Buddha statues including the ones depicting the dakinis and protectors. The main dome of the Stupa will house relics of the Buddha.

The Stupa construction project was inaugurated in 2008, since then the Foundation has raised funds for the construction continually, with the result that the entire 505 pilings have been completed. This year we are trying to push ahead to the next stage, which consists of building the central foundation of the Stupa. However, the donations that we have received so far are not enough for this phase, which requires all the parts of the foundation to be constructed at the same time.

A great stupa cannot be built by one person alone; a project of this magnitude requires full collaboration of people from all walks of life and from all beliefs, people who share the same belief for the light of inner peace which will shine forth as outer peace in the world. The Stupa will stay on far into the future, functioning as a place of worship for people to practice according to their faiths.

Thus we would like to share this news to you so that we can help build the Great Stupa together. Let us build a firm foundation for the Stupa so that it will become a place of study, worship and practice for generations to come.

Details of the Construction

The foundation of the Stupa consists of a concrete foundation of 86 large columns. Materials and work required for the project are:

1. Leveling the ground 57,300.-

2. Rough sand 16,340.-

3. Rough concrete at the base of the foundation  70,300.-

4. Cutting the 505 pilings 400,000.-

5. Concrete and cement 2,873,850.-

6. Wood structure 659,710.-

7. RB 9 MM. SR24 (0.449 KG/M) 113,880.-

8. DB 12 MM. SD40 (0.887 KG/M) 142,590.-

9. DB 16 MM. SD40 (1.578 KG/M) 107,275.-

10. DB 20 MM. SD 40 (2.466 KG/M) 225,610.-

11. DB 25 MM. SD 40 (3.853 KG/M) 2,629,760.-

12. Nails 8,915.-

13. Metal wires 8,872.10 kk. 443,605

Total cost for the materials  7,898,535

Labor at 5% 394,926.75

Grand Total 8,293,461.75 (for the foundation phase) equally 280,000 USD.

You can contribute by helping to buy the concrete by the truckload at 1,600 Baht per truckload. Alternatively, you can buy the iron by half-kilogram at 2,000 per half-kilogram.


1. You can deposit your contributions to one of the Foundation’s bank accounts:

Account name: The Thousand Stars Foundation

1. Bangkok Bank, Central Ratanatibet Branch, Acc. no. 924-0-05512-0

2. Kasikorn Bank, Central Ratanatibet Branch, Acc. no. 391-2-66998-9

3. Siam Commercial Bank, Siam Square Branch, Acc. no. 038-4-31667-8

4. Krungthani Bank, Siam Square Branch, Acc. no.

Krungthai Bank, Siam Square Branch

Account number: 052-0-02254-8

Contact the Foundation:

Email: 1000tara@gmail.com

Mobile 0822999002; Fax 025114112




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