My Life with Tibetan Buddhism, My Teachers & the Stupa

[Aj. Yonten asked me to write in English, at least for him and his FB friends to read and learn about me and my work. Her is the first one.]

My Life with Tibetan Buddhism, My Teachers & the Stupa

Many people often asked me why I became in

terested in Tibetan Buddhism. I even faced a question that perhaps I didn’t study Theravada Buddhism well enough when I was young; that’s why, I didn’t follow the path.My answer is simple: Everything happened gradually, without any plan or expectation, and without any coercion or conversion. Furthermore, practicing Tibetan Buddhism is not that I’m abandoning the essence of Theravada, as the two cannot be separated from each other. Theravada is the base for Vajraryana. It’s the same teachings of Lord Buddha. Only that these teachings were transmitted with different methods and foci.

Another factor is karma that led me to Tibet and brought my teachers to Thailand. During my research years in Tibet I was impressed by simplicity of life in Tibet and genuineness of the people. I was particularly inspired by a Tibetan lama (Kunga Sangbo Rinpoche) who wished to build a school and provide primary education to nomad children in his hometown area.

That lama later became my teacher and friend. Although presently he no longer needs to help the school because the local government offers to supervise it after the Yushu earthquake in 2010, I felt thankful to the school and Rinpoche. Wanting to help him release a burden of taking care of children, I set up a foundation back in my country. I named it after a verse in the Praise to 21 Taras, the 1000 Stars. Children are like stars. Education will give them opportunities to shine in the world.

Working for the foundation, I also grew spiritually. I learned to overcome emotions, learned to be less selfish by devoting myself to the Dharma – not only by meditation and prayers, but also by serving others. And I got many good chances to help the people back in my country.

Over the years I met many more teachers. Their kindness and trust in me touch my heart. From the first year I met them till now, they are still with me, and I’m still with them with increasing faith and devotion, with aspiration to realize their dreams. These teachers also connect with me through the Stupa project I’m initiating. It’s a huge one and seem impossible for someone like me to handle. But with the teachers’ blessings and the great warm hearts of many Thai patrons and friends including many venerables, the project is blooming.


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