Report on the Reaching Out to Tanaporn School

The Thousand Stars Foundation

Flood Relief Projects 2011 (Tarn Namjai Projects)

Nonthaburi, Thailand

Reaching Out to Tanaporn (St. Mary-Anne) School


13 December 2011

Sainoi Sub-district, Bangbuathong District, Nonthaburi Province

Our effort this time went to the Tanaporn (St. Mary-Anne) school, which is located in Bang buathong, one of the most heavily flooded areas in Nonthaburi Province. The small school of 65 students (in 2011) was established by Ms. Gamonsrong Udomdej, who is of a Catholic devout family.

The school has K.1 to P.6 students. It was under two meter of water for more than two months. The water was gone only on the 11th of this month. Since the school is all damaged, the students started their studies this semester at the house of Ms. Gamonsrong, the director in Sainoi district in Nonthaburi Province.

As a private school, it is hard for Tanaporn to get supports from the government. When we went to see Gamongsrong at her home two weeks ago, she told us that she and her husband approached several government and private sectors asking for help. But their requests were turned down because they were informed that the school is a private one. There is no policy for it. Gamongsrong mentioned that she was so disappointed and in despair that she thought there was no other way but to close the school. But when she was informed that all the children wanted to come back to the school and all the teachers who also suffer badly from the floods are enthusiastic to come and teach, she felt inspired to go on.

As the school badly needs help, and it has a lot of potential given their backgrounds of having received several awards, particularly for autism child program, the foundation wanted to reach out to them at this particular moment when they need it most. We believe that our effort would inspire others to come and help them too. So that is the beginning of our effort on 13 December 2011, the first day of the school at the new house.

And the reach out is truly a reward. We were happy to see the kids enjoy the new classrooms with the facilities like desks, chairs and whiteboards among others, donated by the foundation funds and contributions from our friends. It was a joy to see happiness in everyone’s eyes, to hear children’s laughters and hopes renewed.

The school offered us a simple lunch. It was so simple but cooked with love that we felt so touched.

Later that afternoon we went with Mr. Pakapol, the school manager to witness the damage by the floods. What happened is beyond imagination. It will take months to heal the wounds.

Although teaching can’t be done here now, the teachers will continue their work for the kids. Flooding can’t destroy their hopes and dreams…

List of Contributors to the Foundation Funds after the Singburi Project

1. The Bridge Fund (US$10,000, approx. 30,000 baht)

2. Mrs. Amporn Luenglakhanavalai (5000 baht)

3. Oranuch Chomchengphaet (5000 baht for buying a cooler)

4. Ms. Parida Sukprasert (3000 baht)

5. Ms. Tanomsri Paemthipmanus (1000 baht)

6. Ms. Pakpring Kasempanthai (500 baht)

7. Mr. Suwas Wutthichairatanaporn (2000 baht for buying beddings)

8. Mr and Mrs. Leo Duse; Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Duse (18,000 baht)

9. Mr. Somnuek Wiroonpong (10,000 baht)

Together with the remaining funds previously received, we bought the following items for the school

List of Things Donated to the Tanaporn School:

1. Tables, desks and chairs for 65 children (Foundation Funds, value 45,150 baht)

2. Beddings for 30 kindergarten children (Foundation Funds and Mr. Suwat Wutthichairatanaporn , value 8100 baht)

3. Ten white boards (Mrs. Nutthida Phungthammasakul and friends, value 21,000 baht)

4. Educational materials and survival kits (Mrs. Nutthida)

5. Printer (Dr. Soraj Hongladarom, value 2990 baht)

6. Kitchen utensils (Mrs. Nutthida; Ms. Prachawan Ketavan; Mrs. Kanjana Surasarang)

7. Cooler (Ms. Oranuch Chomcherngphaet, value 4990 baht)

8. Plates and cups, 90 sets (Mrs. Janyong Nuttavutsit)

9. Spoons and forks, 90 sets (Mrs. Duangjai)

10. Two fans (Khadiravana Center)

11. Pingpong table and a pingpong set (Ken)

12. Dolls (Nana and Nadia)

13. Educational materials (Ms. Prachawan)

14. Books (Ms. Pilaratana Intrarapalit)

15. Educational materials, dried foods, dolls, drinks and books (Ms. Tamon Thirajirachote)

16. Two fans (anonymous)

17. Educational materials, paints and 11 cartons of milk (anonymous)

The primary schoolchildren are happy in their new classroom with desks and chairs donated by our project.

The foundation wishes to thank our foundation board, volunteers and all the donors who contribute to the flood relief funds.

Message from Ms. Gamonsrung Udomdej (School director):

“I am highly grateful to Dr. Krisadawan Hongladarom. The kids are very happy. I don’t have any words to express. Everything is inside my mind. Tears are coming out all the time. Now you must have understood me very well. I pray to God thanking him for sending you to us, for helping us to be able to stand up again. Today you went to the school with Ajarn Dao. You might see that falling while standing is very hard. I am truly grateful to you and all the donors. My letter will follow.”

(กราบขอบพระคุณท่าน ดร. เป็นอย่างสูง เด็กๆทุกคนมีความสุขมาก. ผอ. ไม่ทราบจะกล่าวอะไรดี.ทุกอย่างมันอยู่ข้างในประทับใจอย่างบอกไม่ถูก น่้ำตาจะออกมาตลอดเวลา. ท่านคงเข้าใจผอ.ดี. ผอ. ภาวนากราบขอบคุณพระเจ้าที่ส่งท่านมา. ให้ผอ. กลับมายืนได้เพราะท่านจริงๆ. วันนี้ท่านเข้าไปโรงเรียนกับท่านอ. ดาว. ท่านคงได้เห็นแล้วว่า. การล้มทั้งยืนมันหนักมากจริงๆ. กราบขอบพระคุณท่าน. และผู้ร่วมบริจาคทุกๆท่านด้วยนะค่ะ.ส่วนจดหมายจะตามไปนะค่ะ)


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