Training “Art of Love and Happiness”

Khadiravana Center (Kundrol Ling)

3-5 December 2011

This past weekend the foundation organized a training on love and happiness for the employees of the Precision Parts Company and the interested public. The training is based on Tibetan Buddhist wisdom. We emphasized on how to apply it to everyday living, particularly in a workplace. I’d like to extend my gratitude to the company executives who made it possible for the employees to come and learn with us, to Aj. Wiraj and all the staff and volunteers.

A gift of love for Nong Annie, our little trainee

Our meditation hall

Learning unconditional love

Art of love and Happiness Cohort

Pre-breakfast time

Making a mandala offering

Morning meditation

In the mantra stupa

Walking together in the retreat zone

Mother and daughter

Friendship time

Tibetan with Thai heart

Khadiravana gift to you all

Be in the present moment

Celebrating the King’s birthday

The foundation rejoices in the company’s contribution.

Humbleness practice

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