Flood Relief Effort for Pakkret


This is another day that we reached out to flood victims. We went to Wat Tarn community in the western part of Pakkret, Nonthaburi province.

Because of the spirit and care of our staff, friends and volunteers, we could organize this rewarding trip, only five days after we visited Bangbuathong and Bangrakyai sub-districts in the same province. Reaching out tied a bond between the volunteers and people in the flooded communities.

This time we got to know a few kids (like Kimjang) who became our little assistants taking us from house to house in their boats.

And by giving, we not only share what is needed in time of crisis, but we could practice unconditional love, which constitutes the essence of the dharma, in addition to help relieve temporal suffering of those whose homes got flooded.

Again I thank everyone who joined me and contributed to the foundation’s funds.

This time we prepared about 200 water packs, fruit packs, and survival packs consisting of basic foods like water, rice, instant noodle, canned food as well as milk and cookies for kids. We focused on giving away bottled drinking water, as it was badly needed.

We also distributed hope packs for children who couldn’t go to school at this time. Like the last three times, we brought many fruits from Kundrol Ling, dog’s and cat’s food with us.


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