Pandara Flood Relief Project

Pandara Flood Relief Project

Organizer: The Thousand Stars Foundation and Concerned Volunteers

Project Leader: Dr. Krisadawan Hongladarom

Project Accountant: Mr. Cholatis Tamthai

Project Secretary: Mr. Paruehas Meesane

Foundation Staff: Ms. Kittima Khantithanapol (Dao) 66-878299387 and Ms. Pornthip Teenakad (Tor) 66-833008119. Email: Fax 66-25114112; 66-25285308

…Many drops when they gather together can cause the ocean of suffering to disappear…


The flood problem in Thailand, which has affected a large number of provinces and Bangkok, has left a large number of victims who are still suffering in many ways. The Thousand Stars Foundation is aware of the need to help these victims so that they are relieved of both their physical and mental sufferings. We believe that our action will contribute toward love and more reconciliation in Thai society.


1. To provide relief and support to flood victims in many provinces, such as Pathumthani, Singburi, Nonthaburi, Bangkok and others.

2. To create a momentum toward sharing on the basis of love and compassion.

3. To create an opportunity for volunteers to work together.

4. To engage in public volunteering work with other organizations and agencies.

Places where we will go to help in November, 2011

(1) Bang Phud Sub-district, Pathumthani and surrounding areas. Voluneers will distribute food and survival kits to flood victims on Sunday, November 13, 2011 from 10 am to 2 pm.

(2) Sangharajavas School, Singburi. This school is heavily affected by the flood. Volunteers will go there and distribute books, educational supplies and food to students and teachers on Sunday, November 27, 2011.

Total number of donations to the 1,000 Stars Flood Relief Fund (as of November 11, 2011)

1. Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche 5,000 Baht

2. Kunga Sangbo Rinpoche 5,000 Baht

3. Rig-ngag Gyatso Rinpoche 5,000 Baht

4. Dr. Axel Dorscht (Singapore) 3,000 Baht (US$100)

5. Dr. Nattama Pongpairoj 1,000 Baht

6. Dr. Carina Chotirawe 2,000 Baht

7. Aj. Rongrat Dusadeesurapoj 2,000 Baht

8. Dr. Soraj Hongladarom 2,000 Baht

9. Dr. Krisadawan Hongladarom 1,000 Baht

10. Mr. Meu Yonten 1,000 Baht

11. The Thousand Stars Foundation 10,000 Baht

12. Ms. Ruangratana Unapamnak 2,000 Baht

13. Mr. Wirat Wangcharoenwong 1,000 Baht

14. Mr. Naris 1,000 Baht

15. Mr. Atipong Padanupong 2,000 Baht

16. Ms. Khwanjira 2,500 Baht

17. Ms. Carol and friends 17,000 Baht

18. Mr. Sathorn and Ms. Pathum Tamthai 2,000 Baht

19. Mr. Ratchada Chaiyakupt 2,000 Baht

20. Mr. Jesada and Ms. Sunisa Tamthai 3,000 Baht

21. Anonymous donor 30,000 Baht

22. Mr. Christopher Duse and his wife, and Mr. Leo Duse 15,000 Baht

23. Mr. Sarun and Mrs. Kannaporn Pongpairoj 1,000 Baht

24. Ms. Wachirin Pongpairoj 1,000 Baht

25. Mr. Pairote and Mrs. Chawewan Waropas 10,000 Baht

26. Mr. Methee Khuncharoen and family 8,000 Baht

27. Mr. Thana and Mrs. Kyo Metavikul 2000 Baht

28. Ms. Atcharee 1500 Baht

Total 138,000 Baht

Expenses (withdrawn from the Fund)

Survival bags, drinking water, mosquito repellant, and medicine, 210 units, totally 49,444 Baht.

Dried Foods 49147 baht.

Total: 54,361 baht

The remaining fund of 83,639  baht will be used to buy educational materials for Sangkharajawas School in Singburi Province, to buy more survival kits for other communities that are badly affected by the floods as well as to help with clean-up after the floods.

List of Donors of Cooked Food (in addition to the above list, except for item 5)

1. Ms. Waleeporn Thananikom and group, sticky rice and roasted chicken, 200 packs

2. Mr. Cholatis Tamthai, sticky rice and fried pork, 500 packs, totaling 10,000 บาท

3. The Thousand Stars Foundation, vegetarian rice, 100 packs, totaling 3,000 Baht

4. Vegetarian Restaurant, Prapa Canal, rice and fish and mushroom paste, 100 packs  totalling 3,000  Baht

5. Anonymous donor, sticky rice and fried pork, 200 packs, totalling 4,000 Baht

Total of Cooked Food, 1,100 packs

List of Donors of Drink, Dried Food and Medicine (in addition to the above list)

1. The Thousand Stars Foundation and Ms. Pilawan Mahapan, 360 bottles of drinking water, totaling 2,130 Baht

2. Ms. Pilawan Mahapan, 295 bottles of drinking water, totaling 940 baht

3. Ms. Pratchawan Ketawan and family, 400 bottles of drinking water, totaling 2,200 baht. 210 bottles of this number will be packed into the survival kits.

4. Ms. Pilawan Mahapan and family, 100 bags of dried pork, lactasoy and canned fish as parts of the survival kits.

5. Ms. Pratchawan Ketawan and family, dried food to be packed in the survival kits, totally 1,700 baht.

6. The Thousand Stars Foundation, 2 bags of rice.

7. Nonglak Pornvisanukul Family and Pornapa Amri Family, 5 bags of rice, 2 kg. of shreded pork, Lactasoi milk and canned fish for the survival kits

8. Mr. Sit and Ms. Preechaya Theerakomane, medicine.

List of Donor of Fruit

Khadiravana Center, Thousand Stars Foundation, 10 bunches of bananas and 20 papayas.

Summary of Food and Donation to be Distributed on November 13

1. 1,100 boxes of cooked food

2. 1,000 bottles of drinking water

3. 210 survival kits and medicine

4. 10 big bunches of bananas and 20 papayas

5. 10 bags of rice

6. Toilet paper and mosquito repellant from the Flood Relief Fund

7. Dried food and medicine to be added later by more volunteers

Number of Volunteers on Sunday, November 13.



Go along the Ngamwongwan Expressway heading toward Bang Pa-in; get down at Bang Phun exit, which is directly behind Sri Saman Exist. We will gather below the Expressway at Bang Phun exit at the sign which says “Right turn to Rangsit” (and not at the sign saying “Left turn to Pathumthani”). We will have to travel by boat at some spots, and there will be four boats for us.


Shorts or medium length pants, water resistant shoes or slippers. The water there is still not too dirty. Those who have life jackets should bring them too.

Food Distribution Points

1. At the tenets along the road for the flood victims and their pets who cannot live in their houses.

2. At the communities, for those who still live inside their houses but could not come out to get supplies.

3. At the temple which has become a new evacuation center. Now evacuees have filled up both pavilions at the temple. We will have lunch together with evacuees at these pavilions.

The Foundation would like to thank everyone to help contribute to this relief effort. May our love and compassion heal the minds of the victims and bring peace back to Thailand very soon.


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