Khadiravani Tara at Khadiravana

During my research years in Tibet I got a chance to visit several Tara temples (Drolme Lhakhang) both in Central Tibet and Eastern Tibet. I got inspiration to build a Tara temple in Thailand after the visit of Denma Tara Temple in Dzachukha, north of Kham provice in 2004. That visit led me to buy a plot of land in my hometown Hua-Hin in 2006. The land, which was officially donated to the Thousand Stars Foundation in 2011, became our mind sanctuary dedicated to Tara activities on earth.

We named it in Sanskrit “Khadiravana” (Sengteng Nag) to honor Khadiravani Tara, the deity whom I felt specially connected.

She appeared to Nagajurna while he was meditating at a khadira (acacia) forest in the south of India. The land’s Tibetan name, bestowed to us by Latri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, is Kundrol Ling “Center for all to be liberated”. Kundrol is also the name of a wisdom dakini of power and is related to the lineage of masters in the New Bon tradition tracing back to Kundrol Dragpa in the 18th century.

Today Khadiravana has blossomed to be a proper retreat center with retreat houses and meditation halls with its most important project of building the Shanti Tara Maha Stupa (Tara Great Stupa for Peace and Harmony).

Our special gift this year is a statue of Khadiravani Tara, an exquisite Newar art from Nepal.

The statue is dedicated to the well-being of  all sentient beings, particularly Thais who are suffering from floods at the moment. It is to remind us of Tara compassion and her protection against eight fears.

May all who behold this Tara statue, hear about it, or pray to Tara with utmost trust and faith get liberated!


  1. I am a Tara Dancer and have been living in Chiang mai since 2007. I have been so wanting to do some Tara teachings and was surprised and delighted to see your Tara temple. I would love to come and visit you there. Are you doing the teachings ?
    Sincerely, Juliamalee


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