Letter from Japan

Dear Krisadawan

 The earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011 had disastrous consequences for Japan.  The horror of the devastated areas cannot be expressed in words.  The suffering of those who have lost families and seen the destruction of their hometowns has spread throughout Japan and everyone has been brought low with sadness.

At this dark moment we have been greatly encouraged to receive so many words of support from so many countries around the world.  For all of your warmth and kindness I thank you with all of my heart.

Japan is not a solitary country.  We are grateful for the support we receive from our friends and look forward to cooperation with the international community again.

 Towards that end, I have a favor to ask.

 As you know, the tragedy in Japan does not end with the earthquake and tsunami.  Incredible injury is still being inflicted as a result of the damage sustained by the nuclear power stations in Fukushima.

The radioactive contamination of beautiful country towns or the hardship of not being allowed to return to your own home is almost unimaginable.

And even though Japan is said to have more earthquakes than any other country on earth, there are many nuclear power plants still operating. People are affected in many, if not all countries when a nuclear accident on such an immense scale occurs in Japan.  The sea and the air as well as all living things are soiled by radioactive contamination.

I am asking for help from all of you so that Japan can become a country that does not have to rely on nuclear power.

I know there are many people who have careers in the nuclear power industry but it should be possible to develop new job opportunities in the field of clean energy that would allow them an even better living.

The time has come for the Japanese people as a whole to re-examine our wasteful way of life.  In order to avoid another Chernobyl-like tragedy I ask you to do whatever you can to persuade the Japanese government to re-think its nuclear energy policy.

 Please forward this message to all of your friends and let’s leave a beautiful, blue world to our children.

 I would like to give my thanks again to all the people from China, Thailand, Korea, France, Turkey and others for your kindness, we appreciate it deeply.

 I will never forget your gentle, smiling faces and I am praying from my heart for your health and happiness.

With all my love.

Ruri Sato


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