Updated 1000 Stars Activities


Wednesday 2th

Talk on “Art of Happiness” by Ven. Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, Suanmoke Bangkok (BIA), 5.30-8 pm.

Saturday 5th-Sunday 6th

Green Tara Retreat and Empowerment by Ven. Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, Khadiravana Center (Kundrol Ling), Saturday 10 am – Sunday 2 pm. The event will be followed by fish releasing ceremony at Kaeng Krajan Reservoir at 3 pm.

For Rinpoche’s other talks in Bangkok and Phuket, please visit http://www.littlebang.org.

Sunday 13th

Dzogchen Meditation and Tibetan Ancient Wisdom, Foundation House, 9.30 am-12 noon. Monthly practice for those interested in learning about Dzogchen, Tibetan Buddhism and culture. Talk by Dr. Krisadawan Hongladarom followed by group practice and discussion.

Thursday 17th-Sunday 20th (4 days and 3 nights)

Maghapuja Retreat, Khadiravana Center, Thursday 4 pm – Sunday 2 pm. Tara meditation and yoga for health and mindfulness, by Dr. Krisadawan Hongladarom and Khru Dol (Tanawat Ketvimut, Chiivit Sikkha). Suggested donation: 500-2000 baht. Retreatants will observe 10 Tibetan precepts (avoiding 10 non-virtues).



Sunday 13th

Dzogchen Meditation and Tibetan Ancient Wisdom, Foundation House, 9.30-12 noon. Specific topic for this month will be announced.

Saturday 19th

Conference on “Body and Mind,” Room 105 Mahachulalongkorn, Chulalongkorn University, 9 am-5 pm. Interfaith dialogues. Thai only.

Saturday 26th

Seminar on “Tibetan Medicine,” by Dr. Tsedor Nyarongsha (Nyarongsha Institute, Lhasa) and Dr. Krisadawan Hongladarom, 9 am-12 noon. Tibetan tea will be provided. Thai only.

Saturday 26th-Wednesday 30th

Consultation Sessions with Tibetan Doctor. Saturday 2-6 pm, Monday-Wednesday, 9 am-7 pm. Registration fee: 400 baht.

No registration fees for all events unless indicated. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Contact: 1000tara@gmail.com; Mobile: 0878299387


Author: Krisadawan Metavikul (Kalsang Dawa)

Dharma teacher, founder and president of the Thousand Stars Foundation, promoting Tibetan wisdom, engaging in charity work.

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