Art, Nature & Love (1)

Jan 22-23, 2011

Khadiravana celebrated the New Year with a lovely event on art, nature and love. It was organized specially for kids to bring them joy, happiness and inspiration for drawing and painting.

The event was a great fun and brought many special experiences. We will never forget the kids’ witty remarks, laughs, cunning smiles, innocent questions, funny stories, as well as their mantra singing and beautiful wishes for peace and clean earth.

Baeng Pan showed his masterpiece to the teachers. When asked: Do you like it? He said without thinking: No.

Nadia sketches flowers and things she likes in a circle.

Our art class

Khadiravana in Amy’s vision

Nong mil’s clock

Yonten’s kailash & Natalie’s four seasons

After drawing – it’s time to play with mud.

Finding inspiration in the forest

Father and daughters

Em is giving some painting tips to the kids.

My sunflower

Does anyone know what this is?

New artists

Making clay stupa (tsa tsa)

Tibetan lotus from Jick






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