Ringu Tulku Rinpoche in Thailand

The schedule for the visit of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche to Thailand

February 1-16, 2011

Feb 1
Rinpoche arrives in BKK; Accommodation at the 1000 Stars Foundation House, Ladprao 11.
Feb 2, 5.30-8 pm

Talk on “Dying Gracefully: How to Prepare Oneself and Loved Ones” organized by the 1000 Stars at The Buddhadasa Archives, Suan Rodfai, Chatuchak. Contact: 1000tara@gmail.com; Mobile: 0878299387.

Feb 3, 7 pm
Teaching on “The Four Noble Truths – a Vajrayana Perspective” organized by the Little Bangkok Sangha,  DMG Bodhgaya Hall in English for the Little Bangkok Sangha
Email: globalnomad999@gmail.com; Tel 02 663 8477

Feb 4
Travel to Hua Hin
Feb 5-6, 10 am on Saturday – 4 pm on Sunday

Green Tara Retreat

“Green Tara Empowerment and Meditation for Healing the Mind” at the Great Tara Stupa site and related teachings hosted by the 1000 Stars Foundation at Khadiravana Center (Kundrol Ling), Hua Hin [250 kms from Bangkok]. Rinpoche will lead a 150,000 fish releasing at Kaeng Krajan Reservoir on the way back to Bangkok on Sunday.

Contact: 1000tara@gmail.com

Feb 7

Travel back to BKK

Talk on “An introduction to Mahamudra,” 7 pm at the Bangkok Shambhala group. Tel. 02 788 7488. http://bangkok.shambhala.info.

Feb 8, 10 am- 1pm
A talk and meditation on “Emptiness” at K. Ram’s place followed by lunch together Contact: 081 985 5564.

A talk on “The Foolishness of the Samsaric Existence”to the Little Bang Sangha at the Dance Studio, Suk 24 in Bangkok from 6.30 pm. Email: globalnomad999@gmail.com; Tel 02 663 8477.
Feb 9, 6.30 pm
Teaching “How to transcend the attractions of samsara” at DMG for K. Danai’s  Thai group
Feb 10, 7.30-9 pm

Public talk at Siam Society
“The three Buddhist yanas:  why they are all different and yet the same”
http://www.siam-society.org, Email: ekkarin@siam-society.org; Tel 02 661 647-7
A charge of 200 Thai Baht is levied by the Siam Society to non-members

Feb 11

Travel to Phuket  for activities with the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness in Phuket
Contact: Michelle Limantour, Email: mlimantour@gmail.com; Tel 076 336030 http://www.sbinstitute.com

Feb 12-13
Teachings in Phuket
“Transforming Adversity”

Feb 14
Childrens’ story telling to local school children

Feb 15, 6-30 pm

Travel to Bangkok from Phuket
Teaching in English, at Ariyasom Villa
Email: globalnomad999@gmail.com; Tel 02 663 8477
Stay overnight at Ariyasom Villa
Feb 16
Deepart for Suvarnabhumi Airport

All teachings in Bangkok [except for The Siam Society] are free of charge and any donations received will be offered to Rinpoche’s EU registered charity Bodhicharya. All teachings will be in English and with simultaneous Thai translation will be available at certain locations.

Full details of how to get to all the specific venues are posted on this website: http://littlebang.org.

Any questions about any of these events please contact

Dr Andy Lowe: Tel 02 663 8477; globalnomad999@gmail.com


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