Great Offerings for Compassion and Happiness

After a Dzogchen retreat on 21-24 September 2010, the foundation organized an annual Stupa day on 25 September at Khadiravana Center.With Dzogchen participants and volunteers, we prepared “Namnga Tongchod” or 5000 offerings of lamps, incense, water, fruit and flower in the early morning.The actual offerings ceremony started around  11 am. After the speeches by the honorable guests Ajarn Sulak Sivaraksa and Ven. Thanchan from Santiasoke, Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche explained the meaning of the ceremony and praised the work for the Tara Great Stupa. After that each of us made an offering and we all took part in the “sang” ceremony – making a smoke puja to dharma protectors and local deities.

In the afternoon Rinpoche performed a long-life empowerment based on the lineage of Tsewang Rigzin, an emanation of Long-life Buddha.

After that we made a mantra pile stone and dedicated it to Sherab Chamma, Loving Mother of Wisdom, who is the same essence as Mother Tara. The participants passed stones to each other with joyful spirit and we all contributed to this beautiful stone pile for the sake of all beings.

The evening activities were also unforgettable. We recited the Matri mantra, which is the mantra of Sambhogakaya Buddhas while lighting a candle at each Stupa piling. That night 1505 lamps were offered to Buddhas. We prayed for the lights to illuminate darkness in Samsara.

We ended the day with “sur” offering – we dedicated the smell of burnt food to bardo beings.


For a complete photo album, please visit the Foundation’s facebook:!/album.php?aid=239306&id=55992123396


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  1. བླ་ཁྲི་མཁན་པོ་དགེ་བཤེས་ཉི་མ་གྲགས་པ་རིན་པོ་ཆེ་མཆོག་ཐེ་ལཌཱའི་ཀུན་སྒྲོལ་གླིང་དུ་ཕེབས་ནས་རྣ་ལྔ་སྟོང་དང་། སངས་རྒྱས་སྨན་ལྷའི་དབང་། ཁྱད་པར་དུ་སློབ་མ་སུམ་ཅུ་ལྷ་ལ་ཨ་ཁྲིད་སྔོན་འགྲོ་དང་འབྲེལནས་རྫོགས་ཆེན་བསྐོར་ཉིན་བདུན་གྱི་རིང་ལ་སྒོམ་ཁྲིད་གནས་བ།


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