Program of Teachings by Tibetan Master

Program of Teachings

Latri Khenpo Geshe Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche

21-24 September 2010

Dzogchen Retreat for Inner Transformation”

Khadiravana Center (Kundrol Ling), Hua-Hin

Four days and three nights of training on the path of A-Tri Preliminary Practice of Dzogchen

25-26 September 2010

Great Offerings for Compassion and Happiness”

Kundrol Ling, Hua-Hin ; Kaeng Krajan Reservoir, Petchaburi“

5000 Offerings to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, long-life empowerment and yangbod fortune-bestowing ceremony; releasing 100,000 fishes and attending talks to cultivate compassion and happiness.

28 September 2010

18.30-20.30 hrs.

How to generate the mind of enlightenment”

Thousand Stars Foundation House

Although our life is full of suffering, there is a way to liberate from it. That way is called “Way of Enlightenment,” which starts here and now.

29 September 2010

18.30-20.30 hrs.

Transform living into Practice”

Thousand Stars Foundation House

Each day we are doing a lot of activities. Many of us often say that they do not have time for practice. With a new perspective, we can transform ordinary actions in everyday living into spiritual progress.

30 September 2010

17.30-20.00 hrs.

Meditation on Impermence and Death”

Buddhadasa Insapanno Archives

Realizing that change is ordinary and death is near us will help us live our lives in a more meaningful way and help us prepare for death. Rinpoche will advise on how we should face changes and death, and guide us on impermanence and death meditation.

2 October 2010

15.00-17.00 hrs.

Happiness from Dzogchen Perspective”

This talk is part of the conference on “Happiness and Spirituality”

Room 105, Mahachulalongkorn, Chulalongkorn University

Dzogchen teaches us to be free from self-clinging and dualistic views. It helps us see things the way they are, without fabrication or conceptualization. This kind of attitude leads to the innermost level of happiness.

Note: All events are free of charge, except for the retreat on 21-24 September. Your contributions or donations for organizaing expenses or Rinpoche’s traveling expenses will be greatly appreciated.


Email:; Mobile: 0806100770

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