Last week I got a chance to visit eastern Tibet again. This time we went there with a group of 7 friends who wanted to experience nomad way of life and visit sacred mountains in Amdo. Yonten and Namdrol (our Tibetan friend in Chengdu) joined me. I took the opportunity to visit the 3-year Dzogchen retreatants at Tokden and made money offerings to them.

The donation will be a support for 4 months of their stay in retreat. This group of retreatants will finish their 3 year retreat with a dark retreat for 49 days in April next year. Anyone who would like to make merit with them can do so by contacting me or Panpilai. The foundation provides them food and other necessities 1000 yuans monthly.

Dzogchen retreatants kindly prayed to remove obstacles for us.

Visiting Tokden Monastery’s Tripa Rinpoche with whom I took a vow not to eat meat

As the time was short and we had to travel for 3 days, we didn’t have time to visit the earthquake areas in Yushu, more than 1000 kilometers away. I left a donation of 10,000 yuans (around 50,000 baht) with a Tibetan friend in Chengdu asking him to buy winter clothes, shoes, socks, medicine and food for the survivors. I talked with Kunga Sangbo Rinpoche on the phone. He said eye medicine was badly needed. That’s one of the things on the list we’ll provide them. When I return to Chengdu in late July, I’ll carry an additional donation and take photos of the things we’ll send to Yushu. Mr. Loden, headmaster of the Yushu secondary school will represent the foundation and Thai people in making donations to the survivors at Tashi Tathang camp. There are around 30 families living there. Again I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who make donations for the Tibetan victims.

Here are some lovely photos on the Amdo plateau of Tibet. There are wild flowers everywhere.

Grassland covered with sechen (great gold) flower

Nomad home

Visiting a nomad family

Joyful little monk after class

Yak dance rehearsal

Offering “lungta” windhorse sacred paper. Horse is a symbol of swiftness and wind element. May all the work be achieved swiftly!

Samkho, Tibet’s famous young star hosted a farewell dinner for us and our Thai friends.


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