Khadiravana & Stupa Updates

During my Chamma retreat at Khadiravana on 9-29 June 2010, the Stupa pilings work has been successfully completed with 512 pilings being planted. Thanks to Ajarn Yonten, who took such good care of the land, assisted my retreat, and helped supervise the pilings construction.

Yonten told the blow count man to be proud of his work. Although the pilings won’t be seen in the future, his work has been history and a great part of the Stupa.

On 17 June 2010, rainbows appeared again on a similar spot when we witnessed rainbows last year after dakini trianing on 13 June 2009. Ajarn Yonten took this photo in the rain while I was at the retreat house in the inner zone. There are two rainbows: the first one, which I also witnessed appeared for about 5 minutes. The second one stayed for a longer time with its tail touching the Stupa site.

Khadiravana with its renovated road

Retreat houses in the forest

Foggy mountains after a heavy rain on 22 June

Another rainbow in a storm appeared on the last day of my retreat

Growing Khadira (acasia) and Tibetan style burners for “sang” and “sur” offerings


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