Thanks for Earthquake Donations

The Thousand Stars Foundation and I greatly appreciate the donations for Tibetan earthquake victims. I can’t use facebook here but can read your comments in my email. Yonten and I are fine here. We are visiting our nunnery project in Dzachukha. After that we will be returning to Chengdu. If the donations are made to my Chengdu account by April 26, I will transfer them all to the victims. Kunga Sangbo Rinpoche are still at the site and will coordinate with me on this.



  1. Dear Kris, i am very touched by your such a quick response to the tragedy, your compassionate action will generate good seeds for those beloved fellow Tibetans, who lose their lives, families, relatives, friends, homes, may the loving actions of the human community can help relieve their grief, bring them out from the darkness…Thank you!


  2. I feel the same way as you do but tears still flow, even now. I wish I can be there but I think things can be more productive here, every dollar raised will keep their tummies filled and their bodies warm. Take care


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