Reflection on Oustanding Buddhist Women Forum (1)

Horizon of Dawn begins at Khadiravana

When Bhikkhuni Dr. Lee expressed her wish to organize the outstanding women forum at Khadiravana on 6-8 March 2010, I received the news with joy. I told our Pandara (1000 Stars) volunteers how important it was to host this event and how special it was for us that the group wanted to come to Khadiravana.

Mom and cousin Amporn who live in Hua-Hin offered to do catering for us. They bought cartons of milk and drinks before the group arrived. They contacted the cooks from a Chinese vegetarian dharma center to cook vegetarian meals for the entire event. They agreed to arrive at Khadiravana at 6 am each day and return after everyone had dinner.

At the last minute, we ran short of volunteers from Bangkok, as all had contributed selflessly during Kunga Sangbo Rinpoche’s visit a few days earlier and they couldn’t come again. Fortunately, Nong and her family (On, little Tan & Lala, and the kids’s nanny Tum) as well as our dharma friend Nok were free to offer their hands.

I decided to hire a van so that Yonten did not have to drive on the 5th and we could carry cushions, gifts and other necessary things. While we were attending the awards ceremony at the association for promoting women’s status in Don Muaeng area, Decha, our van driver offered to buy more tents for us. He even went back to his house to bring his own so that we would have enough tents for all the venerables and participants.

We arrived at Khadiravana around 7 pm that evening. Nui (Yai and Ta group) was still there arranging fuang fa flowers in bowls to be placed at Dewa Watana Sala’s steps. We truly appreciated his flower arrangements which are so unique and sweet. Nui stayed on till the venerables came. He helped Decha pitch tents and helped me prepare mats and blankets in each tent.

Nok was busy putting myrrh and potpurri at Ban din (mud house) and toilets. Nong and On prepared drinks while Ton drove his motorcycle back and forth between the office house and Sala bringing things here and there to make sure things were put in proper places.

Not till almost 11 pm that the group arrived on a big coach. Cool breezes of mountain air welcomed outstanding dharma practitioners and ladies who devoted their career for the sake of Buddhism. We walked from the mango zone to Vasutara Sala. Colorful ribbons danced in the air among thousand stars…



  1. May the bodhicitta in you grow day by day for the sake of all sentient beings.

    Very happy to have met your acquaintance. Please take care.


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