1. A few people have made donations for the Stupa pilings over Maghapuja. The list of donors will be updated in Stupa Construction page.

2. We rejoice in the merits made by the Silpasamai family, particularly Samran (Juk) and his wife Amporn. With faith in Buddhism and delight in Thousand Stars’s activities, they built Dewa Watana pavilion at Khadiravana Center. We wish them happiness and prosperity, as the name of the pavilion indicates.

3. Thank you to all who have contributed to the event this past weekend. Special thanks go to Wirat and Narit, who not only contributed their time and energy to make the event run smooth but donated to the foundation a portable microphone and stereo system. Yonten and I also wish to thank them for our handy luggages to carry things to Khadiravana. The Foundation is grateful to Mrs. Rosukhon, Mrs. Kyo (my mom), Nong (Panpilai), Amporn and her friends who cooked and brought many snacks and offerings. We thank Nakin for bringing coffee and delicious sweets called “Luke chup”. We are thankful to the Maghapuja retreatants who helped cook and clean up: Nok, Nuch, Dream, Pranee, Nut, Aj. Kanjana, Wirat, Narit and Emmanuel.

4. It’s a joy to see Bo and Ella on Sunday. Bo, his friends and relatives made merit on his birthday (28 February) by contributing to the Stupa pilings. Kyeka Tashi Delek! (Happy Birthday).

5. Rinpoche’s tonglen teaching will be at the foundation house tomorrow night, starting at 7 pm.

6. Pictures from Maghapuja event and others will be posted as soon as possible.


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