Support from Dharma Friends

Over Tibetan losar (14 February 2010) the Duse family contributed an amount of 34,400 baht to support the foundation’s activities. I have made a donation of 10,000 baht on their behalf to the planting of Stupa pilings (see Stupa Construction). The remaining amount is used for expenses at Khadiravana such as workers’ wages, electricity bills, buying construction materials for the Tibetan mud house.
Previously, both Leo Duse and Chris Duse (TASHI SHOK) have given us constant supports. Chris contributed 51% of net profits of TASHI SHOK products to the foundation from September 2009 to January 2010 and was a key person in helping us organize the Tibetan procession when we took the Shanti Tara Maha Stupa model to Khadiravana in September.
We thank the Duse family and TASHI SHOK from the bottom of our heart for their generous and continuing supports. We rejoice in Leo’s decision to leave his job so that he can devote all his time to dharma practice. May your noble aims be fulfilled!
Very dear Ajarn,

I just wanted to use this opportunity to express a few thoughts as I am running quickly out of time before my departure for my big journey shortly to finally reconnect with my precious Guru Thrangu Rinpoche and for my one year retreat.

I consider myself very fortunate to have connected with you, even if I am sorry it was so late in my stay in Thailand…it was my first encounter with a Tibetan Dharma centre promoting dialogue between different disciplines and Buddhist traditions and I cannot tell you just how much I valued that, especially in these times when its more needed than ever…

Even if a few folks just go to your web site and are inspired by what they read and it sows a little seed, even that will be a beautiful imprint for them to store.
So I would like to wish you and all your kind supporters and volunteers every success, I pray that your work will continue and grow in strength, I pray that all your projects may be fulfilled and please be assured: we will always support you in any way that we can.

With much gratitude and with all my warmest wishes,
leo karma choepel soon to be the ex:
Leo G. Duse
Vice President Human Resources Asia Operations
Western Digital Corporation (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

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