Dakini Hermitage Update

Dakini Hermitage, a 1000 Stars’s project in Tibet to promote women’s livelihood and to support Dharma practice in remote areas

It has been more than a year since we last visited Dakini Hermitage, a nunnery on a mountain in Dzachukha, Kham (eastern Tibet), Sichuan Province. The foundation and Thai Buddhists in cooperation with Global Women’s Fund and Bridge Fund have contributed to the construction of Zangdok Pari/Padmasambhava Temple and nun cubicles at the Hermitage since 2004.

Recently, Dr. Kittirat of Siriraj Hospital has contributed an amount of 40,000 baht to help build another cubicle. And Champang, my student at Chula has made a regular donation of 500 baht each month to support the nuns’ livelihood.

Today I received several photos from the hermitage abbess Ven. Kandroma Palden Chotsho, together with a bag of high mountain mushrooms. It’s a joy to hear the news from Kandroma and to see the beautiful photos of Zangdok Pari. We look forward to visiting the nuns this year and sharing more stories with all of you.

Kandro Palden Chotsho, Hermitage’s abbess

Kris and Kandroma at Guru Rinpoche’s meditation cave, Nagchu, northern Tibet, 2006

Traditional design inside the temple

Stacks for dharma books

Offerings goddesses

The hermitage’s little nun


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