Build Tibetan Earth House

Be a True Builder Once in Your Life
Contribute your energy, time and love to the building of Thailand’s first Tibetan earth house
Give warm clothes and blankets to the needy
21-23 November 2009
Khadiravana Center, Hua-Hin

The Thousand Stars Foundation (Pandara) invites volunteers to help build Thailand’s first Tibetan house to be used as a retreat/reception house for monks, nuns and lay practitioners and as a learning place for eastern wisdom.

The Foundation will provide you with tent accommodation, food and drinks for all meals. During this earth building period we will visit Thai and Karen villagers in the Pala-U waterfall area and give them warm clothes and blankets (donations are collected at the foundation house, Ladprao Soi 11 from now on till 18 November).

We will arrange a van for those who need transportation. There will be an expense of 800 bath per round trip, as we need to hire the van for 3 days.

Khadiravana is a Tibetan retreat center and a place for learning Tibetan/Himalayan art and wisdom. It is located at Makhasisong village, Nongplub district, Hua-Hin, Prachuab Khirikhan province, about 240 kilometers south of Bangkok.

Please contact us by 15 November at; Mobiles: 086 977 5867, 081 303 6116. There are no registration fees.


Saturday 21  November 2009

10:00 hrs. Arrive at Khadiravana
10:30     Overview of Tibetan earth house and how to make it
11:30     Lunch
12:30     Building work starts*
15:00     Break
16:00     Building continued
18:00     Evaluation of the first day’s work; leisure walk
19:00     Dinner
20:00     Slide presentation of Tibetan life and earth houses
21:30     Sweet dreams

Sunday 22  November 2009

6:00 hrs.    Meditation
7:00     Breakfast
8:00     Earth building
10:00     Break
12:00     Lunch
13:00     Earth building
15:30     Refreshments; Evaluation of the second day’s work
16:00     Donate warm clothes to villagers
18:00     Wild elephant trip
19:00     Dinner
20:30     Retire early to recharge energy for the next day

Monday 23 November 2009

6:00 hrs.    Meditation
7:00     Breakfast
8:00     Earth building
10:00     Short break
12:00     Lunch
13:00     Building
15:30     Refreshments; Evaluation of the entire building work
16:30     Return to Bangkok

*There will be a big tent at the building site to protect us from strong sun.

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