Meeting the abbot

The name of the jedi is Phra Jedi Maha Rajcha Mongkol (พระเจดีย์มหารัชมงคล), named after the titlte of the present abbot. It was so nice that we met him soon after we visited the jedi site. We informed him of our stupa project. He kindly advised us to take heeds of the construction cost, as things are very expensive these days.


Great Jedi/Stupa Being Built in Bangkok

One day while on the highway we got a glimpse of a big Thai-style jedi which is being constructed. A few days later we were told that the construction project belonged to Wat Paknam, Pasicharoen. This afternoon Yontan and I got a chance to be there. The first sight of the jedi brought so much joy. The foundation stone was laid on August 27, 2004. The base is 51 x 51 meters and the height is 80 meters. The base or the ground floor is used as a parking lot; the other four stories would house Buddha images and are used for meditation and other purposes. The upper part from the dome to the pinnacle constitutes the main part of the jedi. It’s constructed according to Lanna style.

Machig Labdron (1055-1129)

Machig Labdron la chag tsal lo

I prostrate to Wisdom Dakini, founder of the Chod practice
Who is inseparable from Tara and sources of enlightened activities.
Her practice illuminates a way to cut through ego-clinging,
To examine oneself and to understand the true nature of phenomenon.

May beings who hear the sound of dharmaru be instantly awaken from misconceptions and freed from ignorance. May the sound console their weary soul and enhance their understanding of emptiness.

ขอเสียงกลองดามารุที่ก้องไปในอากาศน้อมนำจิตของสัตว์ทั้งหลายให้เข้าถึงศูนยตาอันไพศาล ขอเสียงกลองที่ก้องไปในโสตประสาทปลุกพวกเขาให้ตื่นจากภาพฝันมายา และเข้าถึงความจริงแท้ที่ปราศจากการปรุงแต่งด้วยเทอญ

ด้วยจิตระลึกถึงมาจิก รับเตรอน โยคินีผู้ยิ่งใหญ่ของทิเบต ผู้เผยแผ่คำสอนเจอดเพื่อตัดอวิชชาและความเป็นตัวตน ด้วยการอุทิศเลือดเนื้อเป็นทานแด่เปรตผู้หิวโหย รวมทั้งเจ้ากรรมนายเวร


Chod Practice at Tokden Monastery

In June this year we went to make an offering, on behalf of the Foundation, to the three-year retreatants at Dzogchen college, Tokden Monastery in Ngawa. The monks recited a chod text for us. It was an inspirational sight and a truly special experience. The pictures show dharmaru ‘hand drum’ and kangtong ‘trumpet made of human thigh bone’, two important instruments for this practice.

The Chinese name of Ngawa is Aba. It is located in southern Amdo in present-day Sichuan Province. Every three years 10 new monks from various places in Tibet come to stay in a retreat here. For more information on this monastery, see Yontan’s blog.

Cutting Through Fear and Attachment

This word carries great meaning.
Cutting through fear and attachment,
Body offering,
To beings who suffer in the six realms.

But more than anything else,
Chod is the practice to understand oneself,
To realize the primordial nature of mind…

Yontan took this picture before I recited a chod text on the second day of my retreat. The title of the text is “Body Offering, the Dakini’s Laughters that Can Be Heard from Far Away”. This text is written by Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche. Shardza Rinpoche achieved rainbow body in 1935. His lineage, which is Bon was transmitted through Hungchen Rinpoche and also through Lhasray (Lhase) Rinpoche (Hungchen Rinpoche’s son). Together with Yontan, I received the transmission of this text from Lhasray Rinpoche when he came to Thailand in December 2006.

First Retreat at Khadiravana

This evening Worawanna, Nuch and Kosin came to see me in my office and we talked about my prostration experience again. It’s so nice to share this with them. I see myself in their eyes – when I was about their age, I looked up to my teacher Dr. John Blofeld with gratitude and I treasured the wisdom he shared with me through his experiences. No one knew that 20 some years later that student would build a retreat center with so many projects.

I’m traveling to Khadiravana tomorrow and will start my first retreat on my birthday there from tomorrow evening till Monday morning (Sep 20-24). There won’t be updates in this blog till Monday night. Anyone who may visit this page at this time can share the retreat spirit by reciting thousands of the compassion mantra, no matter whether it is Tara’s mantra (Om tare tuttare ture soha) or Chenrezig’s mantra (Om mani padme hung) and dedicate the merit to countless beings who have once been our parents.